Why EDM?

I’ve never particularly liked the sound of my voice when I sing, even though I’m in chorus, but I’ve always enjoyed playing the piano for other people to sing to. Thus began my liking for EDM music, because it requires all the “behind-the-scenes” music if you will. It includes everything from the drum beats and … More Why EDM?

Minute Long Tracks

So after doing a lot of research on different online applications and softwares for music mixing and track creating, the best one I’ve found is soundtrap.com. All it requires is an email to sign up, and although you can upgrade to the premium package, most of the tools are completely free. It allows you to … More Minute Long Tracks

How a Launchpad Works?

A launchpad is an 8×8 grid that is used to produce electronic music using electronic sounds and drum beats. Along with the required software, a launchpad is enough to make your own song out of sounds you like. Below is a video explaining how a launchpad works. How does a Launchpad work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFAzD5amZDo Launchpads take some … More How a Launchpad Works?